Benefits of Cassava Leaves

Benefit of cassava leaves - Cassava is a plant stem multiply by stem cuttings. Easy to grow and adapt to the various conditions of air and soil. But cassava is cultivated in many tropical regions. 

Cassava leaves easily obtained. Easy to grow in the garden or on the side of the house. To breed cassava, cassava stems quite simply cut off the elderly a few centimeters then transplanting pieces of cassava stems. 

The cassava stems will grow and leafy for a period not too long. Many people consider trivial cassava leaves. Society often equates this with cassava leaves a family social level. Families middle to lower and less capable, more often consume cassava leaves. In processed form anointing, sauteed, and vegetables.


What was conceived cassava leaves? Cassava leaves contains amino acids in addition to many other nutritional elements. Amino acids contained in chlorofil (green substance) function to convert carbohydrates into energy for the body and especially the brain. Then it is worth when eating vegetables cassava leaves the stomach feel full. 

Brain feels more brilliant because it has enough energy to think and remember things. What are the benefits of cassava leaves? Cassava leaves can improve a person's memory, including students. In the study, especially the face of repetition or exams required high memory. 

Otherwise, the subject matter to be tested often forgotten despite diligent repeat lessons at home. Children from humble families in Indonesia, even classified as economically disadvantaged, have a smart brain. Often got the champion in the class. Is it because often consume cassava leaves?
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