Fish the Freshwater Fishing Results

Fish the freshwater fishing result - Many types of fish are found in the world. Based on the community, the fish is divided into two, namely sea water fish and freshwater fish. Sea water fish living in areas of high salinity. While freshwater fish are fish that live in low salinity. Freshwater fish communities are lakes and rivers.

Fishing or catching fish in fresh water. Is a fun job for people who like fishing. This can be done in the area of
​​the lake or river. However, fishing in the river rural areas more exciting. Why?
The river is the water that flows from upstream to its mouth. The river that passes through the hills and countryside, generally drain water murky. These rivers carry silt or you-woody to the mouth of the river. Especially in the rainy season.

When the rain poured down, the river will flow the mud and timber towards the estuary. At times like this a lot of fish playing on the riverside. In place of the existing grooves, swirling river water so that it becomes a playground for fish.

Famous freshwater fish is the Ampara and indigo. Fresh fish catches more delicious if cooked traditionally. Using traditional herbs used by people who live in rural areas.

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