Natural Scenery of Twilight

Natural scenery of twilight - When you watch the landscape at dusk. At the time the sun had set on the western horizon. 

How do you see the atmosphere of the sky? May not have time to take pictures at sunset. But the view of the twilight after sunset no less interesting.

Natural panorama evening sky really exciting. For people who like to write, this atmosphere will be an inspiration to produce some fiction writing paragraphs. 

Even the background and the opening for the beginning of a short story or a novel.


I'm not good at writing short stories or novels. Moment twilight sky panorama can only were captured by a camera cellular phone. 

When the sun was sinking on the western horizon. When twilight will be changed into night. 

Sunlight is refracted in the horizon behind the little black cloud. Look for to the western horizon. It's beautiful natural landscape painting. Magical painting works belongs eternal Creator. 

No human being is able to emulate the natural painting work of the Creator.

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