Garbage Littering of Earth

Gerbage littering of earth - In fact, humans proved to be the biggest waste producer in the earth's surface. Who knows how many cubic waste generated by humans every day. Not only organic waste bins. Inorganic waste is also generated with a larger volume.

The organic waste does not pose significant problems for the preservation of the environment. This garbage is recycled by bacteria in the soil. Even beneficial for soil fertility. Will become organic fertilizer for the surrounding vegetation. Organic waste, among others; plant leaf litter, paper from wood, and so forth.

inorganic garbage,organic waste
What inorganic garbage? Household waste such as plastics and other chemicals including inorganic waste. This trash is harmful to soil fertility. It can even cause landslides. Inorganic waste difficult to decompose and are recycled by bacteria. Even trash can kill bacterial decomposition in the soil.

Inorganic waste of chemicals should be burned before it was buried in tanah.Tindakan this is one way to save the earth from fouling chemicals and are not decomposed by bacteria. In addition to preventing damage to the soil humus. Prevent landslides.

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