Keeping of Water Ducks

Keeping of water duck - In general, Indonesian people already know this one animal: Ducks. In certain areas, called poultry animals that used to live in this water is different. 

For example, no one gave the name of a duck. The community where I live poultry is still named as the duck.

Typically ducks like to swim and play in the water. However, these animals still live on land. Therefore, pet ducks are utilized meat or eggs to meet the nutritional needs of the human animal.

That said, the duck eggs is higher than the value of chicken egg protein. The market indeed, duck eggs more expensive than chicken eggs.


Ducks are animals classified as pets waterfowl. Slender body shape and almost resembles a bottle. But have agile movements. Here is a duck who are used to living on land.

These two ducks do not normally live in water. Since hatch from eggs, duck is raised by chickens. He was always friends with a chicken so that he forgot his habit to swim.

Even when approaching a pond or any water channel he did not want to swim. So people know the ducks land.

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