Raising Chickens in Village

Raising chickens in vilage - People living in rural areas in most parts of Indonesia in general are used to maintain chicken. Can be used as a hobby breeding animals. 

However, many people are making as a source of animal protein. Moreover, it can also be used as a source of additional income for the family.

Raising chickens in the village land has certain advantages. Domestic chicken does not require special cages. 

Chickens can sleep in the branches of trees around the house. Besides, the domestic chicken can find their own food around the house owner.


The picture above is a group of domestic chicks. Chicken as much as it comes from some of the hen that had been separated from her son. Parenting done by the owner. In this way a mother hen would quickly spawn back.

The chicks were deliberately treated together in a cardboard box. At night cardboard boxes were given electric light bulb to warm the chicks. When giving food, all the chicks were deliberately excluded from cardboard boxes and released outdoors. 

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