Visited Attractions Puncak Pato

Visited attractions Puncak Pato - Indonesian region has stunning natural beauty. Including areas of West Sumatra province, or better known as the Ranah Minang. Many places of interest that has been managed as a natural tourist areas in this region.

One of the natural beauty are used as tourist attractions Puncak Pato. Located in the village of Batu Bulek Lintau District of North Buo, Tanah Datar district, West Sumatra. Approximately 17 kilometers east of the city Batusanggkar.

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Besides as a tourist attraction, the location of Puncak Pato contains historical value in the history of this Minang Kabau. Known as Bukik Marapalam, where arcing Sumpah Satie Bukik Marapalam. 

As evidence of the history of the occurrence of an agreement between the customs with the religion. This is where it started arcing term "Adat Basandi Sarak, Sarak Basandi Kitabullah".

The location formerly known as Bukik Marapalam and during the Perang Padri into this bastion gradually organized into a tourist attraction that can be visited by tourists inside and outside the Tanah Datar.

The location is widely grown by pine trees, as well as crops such as tomatoes, eggplant and chilies that are in the vicinity. If the weather was cool and looked westward, rice fields and buildings appear like glass houses scattered far below.

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