Natural Phenomenon Dry Season

Natural phenomenon dry season - How this natural phenomenon? Perhaps it's a question that should be mentioned respond to the drought our country. Drought is local. While in the neighboring country is still in a state of normal.

Most wells in housing is drying up even though its depth reaches 20 meters. While some of them with a depth of approximately 10 meters, the well is still watering in the dry season.

This year's dry season is strange. Only certain parts of drought. Rain is infrequent, even in the sky there were already thick black cloud sign of rain.

natural,phenomenon,dry season

But the black cloud was blown by strong winds towards another place. It hardly takes place every day. While in the neighboring country, the rain fell in the normal state. Even in areas of Sumatra in general the rainy season. Moreover, on the island of Java, the rainy season has caused flooding has even caused flash floods that resulted in deaths.

Many residents who had to find a source of water to the nearest neighbor's house or a specific place that still had water wells. Or to the neighbors who have wells pump engine.

Water seemed to be an economical goods. Hard to get water for domestic use. As for bathing, washing and drinking water needs. That is local natural phenomena that occur at this time.

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